Trying out different hair colours is fun, and it should stay fun. You should not sacrifice your natural hair vibrancy, volume, and texture for temporary glam. But unfortunately, that’s what the questionable chemicals in your hair dye do to your hair over time. The solution seems obvious – to use natural hair colour that does not ruin your beautiful hair. However, most of you don’t believe that they can give your hair the same luster synthetic hair dyes do, are we right? Let us prove you wrong!

Organic Colour Systems is the UK’s most trusted hair colour brand. It is not only organic but vegan and cruelty-free. PETA and Choose Cruelty Free recognise the brand internationally for not testing on animals. You won’t find ammonia, parabens, resorcinol, and formaldehyde in its products, and they contain 95% natural ingredients and 60% organic ingredients. The dyes contain the lowest PPD levels. There are 64 permanent and demi-permanent shades you can mix. It is manufactured under stringent British quality control and developed in-house. 12 of the semi-permanent shades are completely PPD and PTD free. The company sources its ingredients from suppliers who adhere to regulations. And, what about all the stuff you wash down the sink? Well, the product formulas are fully biodegradable.

You get complete grey coverage without the damage to your hair because the hair colour works at a lower pH level than your everyday hair colour. We also want to give Organic Colour Systems a shout out for sustainable efforts. Did you know the packaging is fully recyclable too?