Nighttime is extra special for your skin. That’s when your skin goes to work. It resets and repairs itself in the relaxed environment of the night. So, if you don’t have a PM ritual, it’s about time! Never go to bed without properly cleaning your face. Free-radicals collected on your skin during the day are responsible for ageing skin. They are also responsible for breakouts, skin dehydration, and blackheads. Use a gentle creamy cleanser to wash away the dirt, grime, and sweat from your skin. Handmade certified organic creamy coconut cleanser from Odylique is so effective yet so gentle on the skin. Use its organic cotton cloth warmed-up for a luxurious facial. Exfoliation also makes sure pollution from the day is removed from your skin, leaving no chance for buildup. And, finally, a serum will help replenish and restore the skin.

Regeneration actives work best when not exposed to sunlight, boosting a night serum’s importance. It is also the best time to look after the skin around your eyes. Prevent dark circles by promoting circulation and moisture in the area. As this part of our skin contains no sebaceous glands, we have to provide its nourishment. A facial massage can do your skin wonders. Promote the glow within by oxygenating the blood and encouraging lymphatic drainage. It also helps sculpt the face. Use organic essential oils that deeply nourish your skin. Do you know that Odylique has a collection of essential oils with calming effects leading to restful sleep while rejuvenating your skin?